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2000-2001 Season

First contact in the competition


Born on the 7th of March of the year 2000, Bilbao Basket confronted the competition immediately, in the competition’s 2000-01 season, in which the club became known in the then so-called LEB-2 League. With a budget just as reasonable as it was tight, Bilbao’s return to the semi-professional basketball scene was quite mediocre in the sporting aspect, seeing that the team fought in lower part of the table during the season, concluding in an average league ranked thirteenth, with ten matches won and twenty lost. Back then the team’s coaching responsibilities lay in the hands of the tandem formed by Pedro Zorrozúa, and Txutxo Sanz, who had become the first coach in team history.  The regular sporting trajectory forced the team to defend its category by taking part in a play-off for permanence, vital for the future of the Red club. The season’ aim was to avoid the relegation to the EBA League and these elimination rounds against Baloncesto Alcalá ended up being resolved in a best of 3 with an enlightening 3-0:


18-04-2001: Bilbao Berri-Baloncesto Alcalá: 78-69

20-04-2001: Bilbao Berri-Baloncesto Alcalá: 85-76

25-04-2001: Baloncesto Alcalá-Bilbao Berri: 89-93


Having overcome the first hurdle, the first time in the category, Bilbao Basket were to initiate a process of continuous growth which has persisted until today, after having competed in the new competition.

In that first season in club history, the red jersey was worn by, Iñigo Varona, Xabier Madina, Josu González, Sergio Rodríguez, Iñigo Goñi, Javier Etxarte, David Fernández, Patrick Saenz de Ugarte, Tzortze Antoniadis, Damian Grant, Félix Herráiz, Ronnie Davis, Harry Reaves, Morris Grooms and Romám Gayet.

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