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Harribide Foundation for coexistence and citizen participation

On 22 December, as part of our campaign a party, a cause was accompanying the court Harribide Foundation, is dedicated to community development and social inclusion in Etxebarri and Bilbao.

Youth participated Biscay with different nationalities who believe in a more caring and just society in which multiculturalism is a clear reality.

Since 2003, the Foundation has been managing Harribide different community revitalization projects in Bizkaia.
From the beginning of his career until today has opened socio and community projects aimed at children, adolescents and youth, specializing in the prevention of antisocial behavior.

If you want to know more about our projects and participate as a volunteer, feel free to contact us and we.

94 426 18 61
C / Access to Church 4 48450, Etxebarri.

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