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ULERTUZ 15 years with families

The Association of Family, Friends , and Friends of Deaf Children Bizkaia, ULERTUZ , is a nonprofit association founded on January 25, 1999 , federated to FEVAPAS ( Basque Federation of Parents and Friends of the Deaf ) created with the main objective to cover the gaps in the region of Bizkaia regarding the care required by children who have this deficiency , as well as their families .
To this end, ULERTUZ offers the following services:

 Service information, guidance , care and counseling to families and others who are in contact with them and with their children .
 Service Speech .
 Early Intervention Service .
 Service for removing barriers in the socialization of children and young people with hearing impairment of Biscay
 Service information and awareness among all political leaders, public authorities and society in general.
 Organization of lectures, conferences, courses, seminars , etc. . , Of whatever issues affecting the deaf person .
 Dissemination of Information entity and various aspects related to Hearing Impaired , through means such as: Ulertzen Magazine, Web Page Authority ...
 Coordination with public and private regarding the care needed by children with Hearing Loss and their families entities.

Currently, Ulertuz serves 124 families translate into 461 beneficiaries / direct / as . They also have a large number of friends / and volunteers / as supporting the work of the association .

To learn more about the association , you can do so at:
C / Iparraguirre , 9-4 floor. Bilbao
94 444 01 25/648 922 539

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