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Cats Bilbao; adopted, sponsors, hosts ... save them!

We endorse a history of 10 years only interested in the welfare and future of the cats under our care.
Most of these cats are found in the street, and we intend to search for each and every one of them the most appropriate destination by nature, condition and age. Every cat is unique and each adoption too.
A happy ending for every sad story is the engine that drives us to continue in this arduous task.

All those who have come to help us for some time know that your support is vital. We thank the power to continue to have it and expect it to grow even more with whom we can provide that now know us. So that our cats find forever homes that are well worth.
If you want to get in touch with us, write to info.felinosbilbao @

637 00 24 28
info.felinosbilbao @
Tellagorri, n º 18 - 48012 Bilbao.

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