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Derandein Fundazioa, NGO Development Cooperation

Within our campaign a party, because the April 5 Derandein Fundazioa accompanied us , NGO Development Cooperation , created in 2007 , which supports education projects aimed at children and youth in Ethiopia , Kenya and Tanzania.

Fundazioa Derandein work focuses on providing education to children and youth in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. To do this, funds several schools located in very depressed areas of these countries , paying particular attention to the most vulnerable groups such as children in the street, in a situation of orphans , and sick parents or mothers of HIV / AIDS.

Derandein Fundazioa also supports vocational training for young people in different areas such as agricultural mechanics industry , welding , sewing and tailoring, basic computer , etc. .. always with the aim of providing practical training tools to help these young people to find a work to overcome extreme poverty from which they come .

If you want to collaborate with Derandein Fundazioa somehow contact .


944 939 247/944 939 294

Avda Iparaguirre , 59-3 º 48980 Santurce (Vizcaya )

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