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Adsis Foundation, working to restore the smile to the future of young

On May 24 , a group of volunteers from Adsis Foundation , along with beneficiaries of the accompanying program Estabará young immigrants were the protagonists of the A game, a cause of Bilbao Basket and Bolunta Foundation.

Adsis Foundation in Bizkaia form a team of professionals and volunteers working since 1980 with the goal that all individuals have the same opportunities, especially young people.

Convinced that education is the key to getting the training and labor integration, their work style is the direct relationship with all the surrounding areas in which we are community. Therefore, we also work in a network with other organizations.

This year the PCPI centers Bilbao, Getxo Etxebarri  and Leioa Basauri celebrate their 25th anniversary. 25 years of commitment to youth Foundation , providing the support , resources and tools they need so they can overcome school failure and unemployment.

The volunteers who joined us participate in various programs to support people at risk of social exclusion : From Bestalde , educational and therapeutic program of support for the social inclusion of persons deprived of liberty; Estabará , Taimat and Kalima , accompanying programs and immigrant children Oinezku program of socio- educational intervention under Uríbarri neighborhoods and Zabala .

Adsis Foundation, smiles at the future

944 24 August 01
Ibañez de Bilbao, 15 mezzanine , 48009 Bilbao.

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