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Uxue Bilbao Basket clearly wins to Lagun Aro GBC 91-72

The Uxue Bilbao Basket achieved a hard-fought victory against Lagun Aro GBC (91-72) with a misleading result because of San Sebastian held up until the last quarter on the scoreboard, but were eventually overcome by the work of local computer.


Roger Grimau was instrumental in that time, deciding the game with 17 points. Nikos Zisis hit with the tempo of the game and two triples more vital when the Lagun Aro pressed and finally put his Vasileiadis Kostas points (17) and 7 rebounds to close a brilliant trio.


The party was born unleashed. Cast and points clearly surpassing attacks defenses. They gave first success with a superlative Gipuzkoa from line 6.75 (8-15) but black men quickly evened the contest (17-17).


The 27-26 who prayed at the end of the first quarter made it clear that it was not a party with too much contact (4 fouls locals) and in which Kostas Vasileiadis was the best of the local (10 points with 2 triples ).


Changed enough decorations the second act. The Fotis Katsikaris tightened on defense, something they lade faults, but had the effect need to be taking small incomes (31-28)


Just after a partial negative response came from 0-5 and Miribilla effect to achieve a 47-38 advantage. When it came to rest 47-40 and Woods as the only escape route with his 14 points.


After the break and equalized shock (54-50) two triples of Nikos Zisis (10 points in the fourth) helped minimize the weight of the 9 points scored by David Doblas in the third quarter. At the end of the third quarter the score stood 66-60, but the feeling Katsikaris defensive and caught glimpses of what would happen in the final stretch.


74-60 with over four minutes without scoring the Lagun Aro GBC, that was the response of an excellent Uxue Bilbao Basket. The victory was home, Roger Grimau lighthouse served as a team unleashed in which even had its moment of glory Sergio Sanchez and get to win by 91-72.

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