Bilbao Basket and American Based technology company ZoneIn have signed a partnership agreement by which ZoneIn has become Bilbao Basket’s Official Provider of digital services which will help our players and coaching staff in their day-to-day decisions related to hydration and diet. 

Zoneln is the performance nutrition platform built for profesional sports teams. Zoneln consists of a mobile athlete app and synced Coach Web App. The app helps athletes to know exactly what and when they should eat and drink throughout the day in order to optimize their health and properly fuel their body-based on their biometrics, goals, and any workouts they have scheduled. The Coach Wb App allows a coach or dietitian to help manage the nutrition needs of the athletes. Using the Web App a coach or dietitian can put in meal plan for the team, monitor nutrition and hydration intake, add in exercises, set goals, and communicate with the athletes. 

Roberto Molina, RETAbet Bilbao Basket physical trainer:

“Thanks to the collaboration with ZoneIn we will be able to help our players in such an important factor for performance as nutrition and hydration. ZoneIn provides an easy and intuitive platform to guide you, adjusting to your individual needs. Now our players have the support of professionals with experience in such important leagues as the NBA or the NFL. “